Amazon-ing Adventures

After already booking all of our between country flights I was dismayed (after watching Rio 2) that we were going to South America and hadn’t factored in the Amazon so luckily we managed to squeeze in a 2-night Amazon trip as our first stop in Peru. Arriving in Puerto Maldaldonado the heat hits you instantly. After the comfort of our previous stays it suddenly felt … Continue reading Amazon-ing Adventures

Rio-diculous times at the Copa-Copacobana

Rio has been a definite highlight of our trip. With another win for Air B&B we found ourselves staying right on Copacabana beach, which meant “at the Copa- copacabaaaaana” was sung continuously. Rio has an Art Deco flare in a tropical setting and while apparently it’s renamed ‘Hell de Janero’ in summer, we were there in mid winter and the weather was beautiful. Here are … Continue reading Rio-diculous times at the Copa-Copacobana