Mexico Madness

Holy moly guacamole- taco about nacho average trip. Mexico was a mixed bag of goods. On the plus side we gorged on way too many tacos, guacamole, margaritas and pina colada’s, on the downside we were robbed by some 15 year old girls, got ourselves locked on the balcony and almost melted from the heat numerous times. Having packed in as many activities as possible in each other location, and not having had a good nights sleep for the duration of our Bolivia stint we were very happy to arrive in Playa del Carmen. The airport was a bit of a nightmare as we were stuck between what Simon called ‘woo girls’ (he was so right, they literally kept yelling ‘woooo’) and matching awkward teenage boys desperately trying to woo them for the hours it took our luggage to travel from plane to luggage claim, then have 3 taxi changes to get our accommodation (flat tires and flat engines) we finally arrived. First priority- tacos, and they did not disappoint, so much so we visited the same place 4 times, so good!

Once we finally got exploring it was lots of fun but we did have a few mishaps. On the first night there we managed to lock ourselves on the balcony and had to call for a rescue party. A few days later we were robbed, most likely by the 15-year-old housekeepers – we didn’t even realise because when we got home we were tucking into ice-creams when Simon said “you know, I think I’ve really actually gotten used to living in your mess” when I thought, ‘hold on, I think I tidied up’- low and behold the place had been ransacked (I should note that I have been known to think that I’ve been robbed, before realising that actually my valuables are just buried under my mess). They took all of my things which means we lost a few photos, but surprisingly they left Simons phone (a Nokia flip phone circa 2001) and sunglasses (purchased from Jacks of Fiji and covered in a nice dose of seawater induced rust). We also visited at a time Playa del Carmen was experiencing record heat and seaweed levels. This led to a hilarious trip to Cozumel Island where we thought a Jeep would be a great idea – second hottest day of my life! We had to invest in emergency, amazing hats that even the shop keeper found hilarious before driving past what are meant to be some of the worlds best beaches but were instead looked like red sludge. Then we had the hottest day of my life at the Chichen Itza ruins (chicken eatsya) – I swear a Gatorade saved my life. In the sweltering heat the cenotes and underwater rivers were a welcome relief and their clarity was incredible. We also had an amazing day swimming with Whalesharks plus my first ever trip to Hooters (I think I lost a bet)- which actually had awesome food and lovely waitresses. Overall Mexico was incredible but I think Play del Carmen (which is close to Cancun) is a little too Americanized for us and was dominated by theme parks which have terrible conditions for animals and destroy the natural landscape.

Simon Tin Tin

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